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The Berkshire Lodgings Association is an association of Bed & Breakfast Inns in Berkshire County Massachusetts. We are a professional association of innkeepers offering a wide selection of inspected and approved inns and Bed & Breakfasts.

Our Mission:
Be the best year-round resource for lodgings visitors in the Berkshires.

All of our members are professionals and conform to a specific set of standards and requirements. The members of the Berkshire Lodgings Association are a great group of people whose talents and experience are a valuable resource to innkeepers of any experience level. We meet at a different member's facility each month to discuss issues important to our businesses, our association and our community. Berkshire Lodgings accepts new members on a continuing basis. If you own a professionally run Bed & Breakfast in Berkshire County Massachusetts we invite you to join us!

  • We advertise together to leverage our advertising dollars and reach markets most of us couldn't afford on our own. This website and our brochure are good examples.
  • We run a toll free Hot Line for the convenience of our guests. For new businesses the Hot Line can make your season. For those of us with established clientele the Hot Line can fill a last minute cancellation during the season quickly, often within hours.
  • We work together to generate off-season business by sponsoring off-season events.
  • Being a member of this organization gives you access to a wide array of inn keeping experiences. At our monthly meetings you can get advice on any problem or issue you may be dealing with as an innkeeper.
Requirements for Membership
  • Membership is open to Bed & Breakfast Inns of 25 rooms or less in Berkshire County Massachusetts.
  • You must possess all the licenses and certifications required by the township in which your B&B resides.
  • You must have the appropriate liability insurance to protect your guests and yourself.
  • You must pass inspection by our membership committee for basic cleanliness and safety.
  • You must be elected to membership by a vote of the current members.
Member Duties
  • Maintain all the licenses and certifications required by the township in which your B&B resides.
  • Maintain the appropriate liability insurance coverage.
  • Maintain the basic standards of cleanliness and safety.
  • Maintain an active membership on at least one committee of the organization.
  • Perform the phone duty on a monthly basis as required by the "Rules and Procedures for Phone Duty".
  • Attend at least 7 of the 12 meetings a year.
  • Pay the annual association dues of $300.00 by October 1st of each year.
  • New members must visit the facilities of all the members within the first three months of membership to be able to properly perform the phone duty.
Membership Application Process
  • Please print out this Membership Application form and send it to the Membership Committee Chairman;
      Lynn Bertelli
      P. O. Box 400
      Tyringham,  MA 01264
If you have questions about membership or would like to discuss potential membership, please Please feel free to contact Lynn Bertelli at 413-243-2463 or at lynnbertelli@yahoo.com.
  • After your application is received you will be contacted to set up a meeting at your facility to conduct the inspection and answer any questions you may have about our organization.
  • After the inspection is completed, the Membership Committee will present your application, along with their recommendation, to the general membership for a vote.
  • The membership Committee will advise you of the results of the vote.
  • Successful applicants will be introduced to the general membership at the next monthly meeting and the annual dues will be due within 30 days. The first year's dues may be prorated depending on the time of year. The new members can start their visitation tour of members' facilities to prepare for the Hot Line Duty. A monthly meeting will be scheduled at the new members facility within the next few months so that we all can familiarize ourselves with the facility for phone duty.

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